Magnetic Technologies Company

Контактна особа:
Maria Tsilibitsa

Prof. Yuri Tkachenko leading the research in magnetologyTM since the late 1970s, founded the «Russian Crown» in 1987 and by early 1990s the results of his research were implemented across the USSR in various fields and he was recorded in the Guinness book of records as the «Magnet Man».

In 1995 the company moved operations to Dubai, rebranding as «Magnetic Technologies LLC» and by 2010 products of the company are in use in over 25 countries, mainly in Asia & Africa.

Since 2012 the company started exploring expansion into the EU, and in 2014 the joint venture «Magnetic Technologies EU Limited» was formed to that effect, rebranding into «Magnetic Technologies Company» in 2015.

The Magnetic Technologies Company is the global leader in the field of magnetology, having placed the foundations of magnetology and bringing the technology to the mass market in 50 countries.

The company is the only player in the field with a history of nearly half a century of research and development carried out by 52 leading research institutes of the USSR and thereafter the Russian Federation in the field of magnetology, and currently has over 500 published research works/papers in different spheres of economy.

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