Usability Assurance LLC

What We Do

We help companies eliminate bad user experiences.

Bad experiences on websites and apps, and in the real world, aren’t just frustrating for customers, they’re costing companies millions of dollars a year. At UserTesting, we make it easy for you to get on-demand feedback from your target market—wherever they are—so you can protect your brand, boost conversions, and provide amazing experiences.

Who we help

  • Marketers use us to boost their conversion rates by testing their landing pages, emails, and ads.
  • UX & usability professionals use us to test wireframes, prototypes, and live sites.
  • Executives use us to benchmark their company over time against the competition.
  • eCommerce managers use us to find and fix their site or app’s biggest problems, and then run A/B tests to measure the improvement.
  • Product managers use us to get inside the heads of their target customers, watch what they do, and hear what they think.
  • Entrepreneurs in lean startups use us in their Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop.
  • Game developers use us to ensure their games are fun and playable!
  • Search engine experts use us to learn what’s behind their PPC and landing page results, so they can increase their advertising ROI.
  • Mobile app developers use us to test their apps on smartphones and tablets to prevent getting one star reviews.
  • Designers use us to watch real people using their normal computer-so they can see things like IM interruptions and small browser windows.
  • Agencies will show a prospective client videos of users struggling with the client’s site, then explain how they’d improve it.
  • Developers on agile development teams use us because we can turn around test results in a few hours.

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