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Logicify is an outsourcing company providing software development services. We help our customers with issues and projects involving software.

We have been working in a variety of industries and fields, including telecom, video sharing, social media, insurance. We have several teams with specialized skills in different technologies that can relate to specific industries.

The Logicify offices are located in http://maps.google.com/maps/place?q=kherson&hl=en&ftid=0×40c41aa25d9bf967:0xf3a5478c8e3121fe, Ukraine.

We have become accustomed to working in distributed configurations in different schemes with English and Russian speaking customers.

Here at Logicify we value communication and directness a lot. Our customers can meet and communicate with engineers directly to simplify communication chains. We prefer flat and agile teams, with an exactly appropriate amount of communication back and forth. We want every team member to be a professional and self-contained engineer.

Explore our engineering expertise in various fields and technologies here. Feel free to reach out!

  • See more at: http://logicify.com/#sthash.juwGi2y9.dpuf

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