ElifTech — is a young software development company providing services for US and European customers with a cozy office in Lviv.

Our mission is ambitious — we aspire to create a community of educated self-driven world-class engineers and to grow into a highly technical customer-centric company delivering prime-quality services to our clients.

At the same time, we are an engineer-driven community with supreme software specialists involved, who leverage scientific approach in computer science and mathematics.

We are focused on involving only top engineers who strive to research, study and implement the cutting-edge technological solutions to the real customer problems.

Novices and smart students are also invited into the company. We are showing them what they can achieve and guiding them on how to become true professionals in software development and thus a part of our company.

Our approach to managing resources is concentrated on the needs of our developers because we understand that the main idea of management and operations is to help engineers in doing their job.

Our small team is free of bureaucracy and unnecessary management processes, which makes it truly engineer-oriented.

Come and see on your own!

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