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«Al-Basha Global»— a specialized company that organizes high-quality and highly qualified examination and treatment in the Ukraine, all categories of patients.

Our company accompanies the client from the beginning to the end of treatment.We have qualified specialists in the field of medical tourism management and linguistics.Our advantage is not only to provide medical and surgical services, but also a list of clinics and health centers specializing in different diseases and the formation of the indicative budget of diagnosis and treatment will help the client to choose the best option for themselves.

Additional services offered by our company:

1. Planning and organization of meetings.

2. accompanied by an interpreter for the period of stay in the country.

3. Meeting at the airport.Transfer to your hotel or hospital.

4. Booking rooms in hotel reservations chamber in the hospital.

5. Help in administrative matters for the establishment of accompanying persons.

The company «Al-Basha Global» provides guidance and assistance in providing information on opportunities and conditions of study in Ukraine consultations on the specifics of Ukrainian educational system and visa support to foreign nationals.Services of translation and legalization of all types of documents in the «Al-Basha Global» provide an opportunity to prepare the necessary documentation on time and without errors.

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