Living Internet GmbH

Размер компании:
10–50 сотрудников

Living Internet— a German company that was founded in 2006 and transformed in 2009 in the incorporated company.

What we do:

Living Internet is developing software for internet communication, Linux servers and database software for frontend and backend. We do everything that is needed to keep the internet business of our customers up and running.

Living Internet works as an external specialist in project management for foreign companies. We sell our know-how as a service. In general, we are dealing with local organized development teams of outside companies of our customers. Frequently, our customers tried to develop the product first by themselves, but the projects crashed. We were involved as the firefighting company.

Living Internet provides in the cycle of customer relationship project based server infrastructure. (Linux clusters, servers, SEO IP addresses of 1300 different class c nets, Crawling services, botnet (everything managed as a service). We do the entire maintaining, the operating and incident management.

By running our business, we were focused on developing software for data mining. We call this crawling service and run at the moment a price crawler, Google crawler and Google AdWords crawler. We are proud about a volume of about 23 million crawling requests per day.

Our clients are customers in Germany and Scandinavian countries.

At the moment, Living Internet has over 600 server systems, 14.000 domain names and is right now building a team in Ukraine.

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