TripTop Technologies Ltd

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Рыбалко Яна Александровна
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TripTop Technologies Ltd is a technological provider of e-Commerce (Multi-Products Online Selling Platform) and other products for its Customers: airlines, touristic consolidators, travel portals,travel agencies and OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) etc. Offices — St. Peterbourgh, Kiev, Tel Aviv

TripTop Technologies was established in year 2010. One of the main achievements of TripTop was the development of the new multi-products search, booking and payment Online Selling Platform Travel@Anywhere™, which offers a combination of comprehensive Back (Server Side) End and Front (Client Side) End technology and leveraging the power of its flexibility and cost effectiveness of B2C, B2B and B2B2C affiliation marketing

TripTop is a technological provider of Internet Booking Engine (Multi-Products Online Selling Platform) for its Customers: touristic consolidators, travel portals,travel agencies and OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) etc. IBE and other e-travel applications\solutions by their different forms and or manners of integration produced and offered by TripTop are used around by 200 customers and or their own web sites and or their Partners' web sites in the Middle East Market. Among the Travel@AnywhereTM Customers are: 157 travel agencies using B2B, around 20 travel agencies using module B2C and rest are B2B2C/Affiliate Partnership at different Internet Portals.

The core competence of TripTop roots on the development of modular internet booking engines and web based technology solutions for the travel industry — B2B, B2C, B2B2C. This includes a wide array of products designed to suit the specific needs of the travel industry: fare search and display, multi source/multi GDS Internet Booking Engine, Packages, Car Rental, Charter Flights, Low Cost Carriers, Transfers and Hotels as well as back/mid- office solutions.

TripTop’s technology is recognized by IATA. The company became a member of IATA’s Distribution Data Exchange Working Group (DDXWG) and a Strategical Technological partner in 2013. SOLRING HOLDINGS LTD participation in the IATA’s NDC (New Distribution Capability) initiative will enable us the better exposure to the market and improve its competitive advantage.

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