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Who we are and what we can offer.

  • English instruction to become proficient in English to enable a person to either work, study or travel
  • We will train you to become proficient in English to the point you can prepare and pass the IELTS test and this will enable you to have the credentials to go and study abroad
  • We can offer you guidance in the process to prepare you for an interview with an employer
  • Our curriculum is both school house with direct classes or we can offer web based classes via the internet if your not able to attend local classes due to being either far away or your own schedule with your current employment.
  • Our instructors are all proficient in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages making it a smooth and easy process to learn English in either setting you choose classroom or internet. we will take you from the basic to the advanced and always be able to fully understand and translate your questions speaking your native tongue. Our goal is to teach you and help you become proficient while building your confidence in a new language.

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