Flyaps, software company

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Flyaps is a trusted partner for some of the most dynamic and successful start-ups and companies in the field of business intelligence, predictive analytics, telecommunications and advertisement.

Companies enjoy working with us. Here’s six simple reasons why:

• Team of professionals: with years of experience, Flyaps engineers are highly skilled, goal oriented and enthusiastic

• Transparency: take control of what we do at any stage of the development process

• Quality: quality is one of the most important ingredients of a successful product along with timely delivery — both of which we excel at

• Agile: we work under Scrum/Kanban methodology and constantly use such techniques as TDD, BDD and pair programming

• Fun: our number one goal is to have fun and we hope collaboration with us will be fun for you as well

• Simple Pricing: contact us about your project, answer a couple of questions and you will get a price and a delivery date

Use our expertise to create innovative software products!

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