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О нас:

Мы американская инвестиционная компания, на данный момент открываем филиал в Украине.

Работа ориентирована на американский и канадский рынок.

Наши проекты тесно связаны с знаниями:

Photoshop, Photoshop Design, 3D Design, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint),

Text typing.

More about us in English:

Designed and Structured for Early Stage Investing

The Long River team has sat on both sides of the table; we’ve been founders/CEO's of venture-backed start-ups, as well as investors. As entrepreneurs, Long River principals have launched and operated over a dozen companies. Collectively we have raised more than $170 million in venture capital, giving us an excellent perspective on the «sell» side of capitalizing a growing company. As investors, we have been partners in both large and small venture capital firms. We have taken the lessons learned from these experiences and created a venture firm with the structure and culture to meet the needs of companies in the early stages of their growth.

Currently looking for talented people in their field. It could be Photoshop, design, typing skills etc. Send us your resumes, we’ll review it and contact you. (English/Russian/Ukrainian acceptable)

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