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Телекоммуникации, связь

Ericsson is the world’s leading provider of technology and services to telecom operators. With more than 110,000 professionals, and customers in 180 countries, we combine global scale with technology and services leadership. Our services, software and infrastructure — especially in mobility, broadband and the cloud — are enabling the communications industry and other sectors to do better business, increase efficiency, improve their users' experience and capture new opportunities. It is our job to take the lead in enabling this, and we are shaping our decisions around that. By enabling the Networked Society, we make a real difference to people’s lives, and the world we live in.

It took 100 years to connect 1 billion places and 25 years to connect 5 billion people. The next step is connecting things. It’s about innovative ways of doing business and shaping the future together, as well as a renewed approach to global challenges such as education, healthcare, climate change and our use of natural resources.

The Networked Society changes the logic of how society works.

• You find us in 180 countries

• We are more than 100,000 employees

• We have more than 37,000 patents

• 40% of mobile calls are made through our systems

• More than 2 billion people globally use our networks

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