Operating all over Ukraine, groups of company «BOB TRADE» is a leading provider of foreign students for Study in Ukraine. Our company became popular at the time as an affordable, efficient alternative to traditional system of education. The company has grown rapidly by acquiring competitors and increasing enrollment in their plans. Specializing in System of education, groups of company «BOB TRADE» is one of the largest providers of foreign students from all over the world*.

The company was founded in 1995. The first contract was signed with Kharkiv National Medical University. Since that time more than 5000 students have fulfilled their dreams and have got the chance to study in Ukrainian universities quality education with affordable price.

«BOB TRADE» works to serve the community in all of its endeavors. Through this company we provide direct support to foreign students and their needs in studying in Ukraine. Among other benefits, «BOB TRADE» also consults services in all sphere of student’s life. In addition, the company was the first who offered high-speed internet to foreign students who lived in hostels.

Its reputation helped to enroll impressive clients. «A large base of students from all over the world is good base for trust. We set the standard for outstanding quality of service and value. Also we cooperate with great amount of Universities all over Ukraine».

Excellent accreditation status is reserved for the highest quality of service. Groups of company «BOB TRADE» is the leader in Ukraine in access, affordability and quality in the competitive market of the educational system of Ukraine. Encompassing the highest levels of experience, expertise, and ethical standards, team of company «BOB TRADE» brings vision and innovation.

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