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Employment Team

Our Mission

We have a goal of what we like to call, «Precision of language.»

We understand how important it is to be seen in the exact light of our choosing. In doing that one needs to ensure they are being held accountable to their own standards and not the standards of others. We hold each and every individual student to the standard that they have set for themselves.

We will prepare you for life’s true tests.

Yes, there will be tests in life. These tests will happen when you are on first dates, in elevators, during your church mass, and when you are with your dog at the veterinarian’s office. Life’s true tests will take place on days and at times that you do not expect them. And we are committed to preparing you for every situation where you may need to speak the language of your choosing.

Our difference

We are committed to the betterment of Poland.

Our team is comprised of individuals that are native to Poland and those that have migrated here because we see the vast potential and benefits to living in Poland. Yet we also see that there are areas in which we can support the country that we now call home. Since the founding of Chase Academy the owner has been and is still formulating projects to uplift the Polish community. Those projects range from clothing drives for the homeless to providing food for those in need.

If we are aware of it or not, we are all working to grow the Polish economy. If that means getting one person back into the workforce or helping a Polish company secure an international contract, we are all in this together. How could our fortunes be any more intertwined? How could we hold ourselves to any less standard? Most importantly, what better service is there than that which servers those in our community? Chase Academy is committed to serving our clients and our community with this same level of constitution.

We establish the difference between teachers and native speakers

All of our language teachers have a university degree in education or in the specific job field of your request. Are teachers are recruited from the US as well as other countries specifically to come teach at our school. We preform, party, travel and some even live together. Our team is more than a team; it’s a family.

Why choose us

You may have heard the term «Native speaker.» But being born in a country does not make one more qualified to teach. Our language teachers all have degrees in linguistics or education.

Our previous students

We have constructed a business network that spans from the Vice Presidents of IT companies to a 9-year-old boy that loves to color.

We believe in professional partnerships

We have built relationships with other like-minded schools. If we can’t fulfill your needs we have no problem referring you to a school that may be better suited to meet your needs.

We make the world smaller

We have contacts that range from artists that live in Nepal to criminal lawyers in the United States.

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