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Dreamware is a software development company located in Lviv, Ukraine. Founded by people with flaming eyes and hot hearts, we grow up to 8 persons in less than 2 month, and keep growing further rapidly. We create software of our clients dreams, and working conditions for our employees you’ve used to dream of.

We are mixed-model company: we provide outsource services for our clients all over the world, and work on our own startup projects, which are a mobile game and web-based service at this moment. We dream of becoming a fully product-based company one day, and this day looks closer and closer.

Outsource projects mostly are social networks, CRMs, groupware, drag`n`drop site builders, schedulers, mobile games and apps, e-commerce and Business Intelligence apps, cryptocurrencies-related stuff, task trackers, project management tools, and much more custom software for startups for which is even hard to name a domain area exactly.

We also draw beautiful UI/UX designs for everything, starting from credit card and ending by enterprise applications.

Domain areas includes healthcare, psychotherapy and psychology, employment, e-commerce, publishing, cryptocurrencies, retail, financial, education, management, and others.

All customers are foreign ones. This leads to two consequences: all our employees should speak English, and salary is bound to USD rate.

We care about working conditions a lot. Which means, cool chairs and desks, powerful PCs with i5 processors and SSDs, air condition, and friendly environment around, as well as board games everywhere.

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