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Артур Корниенко

GenovaWebArt provides a wide range of services in e-commerce. GenovaWebArt specializes in Shopify, HubSpot and digital marketing. Our clients are big companies and small entrepreneurs who works in e-commerce, from all over the world.

Our team is 10 + specialists in web development, web design, management and marketing.

Pros of working with us:

  • opportunity to work with different and interesting projects;
  • clients from all over the world (England, USA, Norway, EU);
  • personal training course;
  • opportunity to improve your English, working with English-speaking clients;
  • high level of salary based on interview results;
  • flexible working hours;
  • opportunities for your personal growth as a specialist;
  • participation in various conferences;
  • joint corporate holidays and trips.

We have a comfortable office in the city center. All our employees has a comfortable workplace. Tea and fragrant coffee is always available for you.

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