Safoso AG

Контактное лицо:
Igor Kravchenko

SAFOSO is a Swiss consultancy and capacity-building company founded in 2003 by the former director of the Swiss veterinary authority.

We are a small company, but our work has a big impact for our clients.

We work with private companies, governments, international organizations, consumer groups, diagnostic companies and academic institutions — whichever are the relevant stakeholders.

We have worked for clients within the food industry, within animal feeds, in pet foods, in human and veterinary pharmaceuticals and in the diagnostics industry.

Our very first assignments involved helping countries build capacity and learn from our experiences with BSE and its control. Later, our portfolio expanded to tackle many other human- and animal-health hazards, always concentrating upon risk assessment, risk management, risk communication, surveillance and compliance with (international) trade standards.

Today, just as back then in the days of BSE, our expertise is most effective when we can transfer it to you in a sustainable way, rather than just telling you what to do.

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