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Анастасия Панасенко

COMTECH is a consulting centered interactive agency engineered to transform marketing for the connected world.

We are focused on helping progressive marketers drive material business impact by translating deep consumer insights into personally relevant brand experiences across touch points and over time.

COMTECH’s Mission is to be a catalyst for growth to the world’s most innovative brands by translating unique consumer insights into integrated marketing programs, platforms and products that inspire people and deliver material and measurable business impact.

COMTECH’s Vision is to foster trusted relationships across clients and team members that drive marketing transformation by challenging the status quo and bonding customers to brands through interactions that shape behavior, drive preference and create loyalty.


  • Collaborate because in an agency, no good idea (or individual) becomes great in isolation.
  • Listen to our clients, their customers, the industry and each other. Good ideas can come from anywhere.
  • Trust because solid relationships based on respect and open communication with team members, clients and partners translate into success.
  • Laugh at successes, failures, challenges, stresses and just about anything else. After all, it’s only marketing.
  • Discover through questions, books and studying culture. Be a student of everything to better anticipate the future.
  • Imagine what’s possible, what’s doable, what’s never been thought of before.
  • Deliver accountability, results, impact and promises. At the end of the day, everything we do should be measurable.

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