IIG, Ltd.

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Тарас Борисенко

Integrated Internet Grid is the leading local access centric Managed Networks Operator, offering a unique hybrid network. We provide worldwide carrier-neutral network infrastructure designs with a focus on creating independent solutions, tailor-made to clients' business needs. Combining a mutual passion for technology, creative solutions and in-depth knowledge, Integrated Internet Grid have established themselves as the leading connectivity provider for their clients.

The current client base varies from Fortune 500 companies to ISP, Banks, Publishers, large Enterprises and everything in between. We have built an unrivalled network of more than 2,500 suppliers in all key regions and have offices in the UK, United States, Ukraine, Poland and Romania.

Integrated Internet Grid’s solutions are always based on a perfect mix of reliability, creativity, cost effectiveness and carrier neutrality. Combined with an outstanding level of service, honesty and telecoms market knowledge, Integrated Internet Grid distinguishes themselves with their own unique approach to connectivity.

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