Aronson Ventures

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Анна Бойко
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Aronson Ventures, Inc. (AVI) specializes in starting, financing and consulting with new and early-stage ventures, primarily in novel biotechnology, dietary supplements and functional foods companies. AVIalso conceives of and creates new ventures based on new technologies and business models.

One example is the first human gene therapy company (ViaGene), founded over 30 years ago. Another is the early pioneering of the use of physical chemistry methods such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), X-ray crystallography and computer-based molecular modeling to design new drug candidates (structure-based rational drug design) (Vertex Pharmaceuticals). AVIhelped to establish one of the first companies using molecular biology to develop new animal models of human disease and production of human antibodies in animals (Chimera Biotech/GenPharm). AVIalso was an early investor in human stem cell therapeutics (Advanced Cell Technology/Ocata Therapeutics). Every company and its related technologies is different and helps to expand the conceptual borders of biotechnology.

Since 1982, AVIhas been involved with over a dozen early stage companies. Recently, AVIhas shifted its emphasis to investing in the areas of dietary supplements and organic, functional foods. It has recently established a new company, Rejuvenation Therapeutics Corp., which is selling nicotinamide riboside and metabolite of a form of Vitamin B3, which extends the lifespan of experimental animals by 10−30%. It might have some benefit in people, also.

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