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Conseil Santé is a French consulting company entirely dedicated to the health sector and focused on international assignments. Since its foundation in 1987, Conseil Santé has completed more than 150 projects world-wide, mainly financed by bilateral and multilateral funding agencies. The wide range of experience and expertise it has built up through these assignments is recognised by all its partners.

Conseil Santé is currently involved in numerous projects and applies its values to consulting services for the sustainable development of the beneficiary countries. From technical assistance to advisory services, project studies and evaluations, Conseil Santé uses its skills to provide high quality services in various fields (health economics, health care financing, implementation of health policies, etc.).

Conseil Santé employs several hundred experts of various nationalities, the vast majority of whom are technical specialists (doctors of all specialisations, pharmacists, health economists, biomedical engineers, nurses, architects, teaching specialists, project administrators, information system specialists, etc.).

Many of these experts are from the countries where Conseil Santé implements its assignments. They are often irreplaceable sources of knowledge of the contexts in which Conseil Santé's teams operate, but they can also be called on to intervene in countries other than their own when they have the appropriate experience.

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