Adel digital

Контактна особа:
Сергей Ларин

Adel digital was created in 2014 year as a part of AdelGroup. In the year 1978 imminent businessman and group Chairman Mr. M.T. Tawakul envisioned a strong demand in the electronics product industry and added an electronics trading company to his established group.Since the beginning the direction was clear i.e. latest products delivered to customers at a very high level of service. In order to achieve the set objective an uncompromising commitment was made for the development of a professional team for sourcing and distribution of goods from leading suppliers globally. Even today with a high degree of diversification and geographicallyexpanded operations, the company continues to steer with the same customer care and product focus.This electronics company underwent transformation in 1997 becoming Adel Electronics exclusively operating as a security products and solutions company. Adel E-Consultancy and Adel Electro-Secure soon followed adding to the flagship and thus forming ‘Adel Group'. The company, as the nation, owes its success to the business mindedness of the nation’s leadership and takes immense pride in being a local U.A.E. company with internationaloperations.

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