EKT delivers innovative STB solutions in every market field. The focus is on quality, design,

cost effectiveness and a best of class approach based on Asian Know How and a Western

Management. EKT is head-quartered in Shenzhen China with a 120+ engineering team and has

an advanced software development group (solidTV) based in Germany, the UK, Greece plus

sales/marketing offices around the world.

Delivering a wide range from Zapper to Advanced Hybrid Boxes, EKT is one of the few business

partners that offer a true 1 stop solution for Operators. Certified and integrated with many CA,

DRM and licenses, EKT is a partner of choice for many tier 1 operators around the world.

Visit www.EKT-Digital.com for more information.

Through the complete range of cost effective STBs ranging from Zappers through to highly

complex interactive models, EKT has a solution for every need. All EKT Set Top Boxes are

easily customisable and suitable for both the Operator and Retail Markets.

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