Harajuku Travel

Контактное лицо:
Дарья Яремчук
+380 50 594 95 77

Main activities:

  • Luxury hotels, private villas, apartments, yahts booking
  • Organization of individual trips
  • Corporate services for business travel; conferences, events

Our destinations:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Indian and Pacific oceans, Carribbean

«Dream to see the World! We believe that dreams come true.»

We all travel, someone began earlier, someone later, someone further, someone closer. We all admire new and beloved places, because travelling, business and leisure are the most interesting parts of our lives. After visiting many countries on almost every continent, we wanted to share our knowledge and impressions with you.We often dreamed to make the hobby our job and finally did it!

We want to send you our passion of travelling, to advise, by using wide experience of organization of private and corporate trips, how to find answers for many questions that arise when planning any trip.

We simply help you to travel

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