We are owners of account on Pinterest social network.

We promote brands and products on our Pinterest account. Our services help greatly increase the audience of our clients.

What we do?

  • We provide to people the most interesting and inspiring content.
  • We carefully sort out each kind of offerings that we promote through our account.
  • We help to medium and large business to promote their goods and services.

Why we?

  • We have a large amount of followers, 485 K followers,which gives us a great visibility when promoting a product. This amount of people is comparable to the population of medium to big size cities in the United States.
  • Every day we provide to our followers a huge amount of interesting content (more than a 100 images per day).
  • We rigorously select the most interesting, useful and inspiring content.
  • We share only information that conforms to our quality standards.
  • On a daily basis we monitor more than 100 of information sources.

What we offer?

  • Regular posts across our topical boards with references to client’s goods and services. Daily posts or 1 post in 2 days, 1 post in 3 days, 1 post in 5 days, 1 post in 10 days.
  • We do not promise quick increase of client’s sales but 485K followers will now have access to informations related to their goods and services.In case neither of our topical boards suits your needs we can create a new one dedicated to your offers.
  • We can do allocation of your offers across our topical boards for you or we can provide you with access to the boards so that you could do it by yourself (the board access will be shared).
  • Payment for our services can be done in a way which is the most convenient to you (via bank wire, Western Union, PayPal). If requested an invoice may be submitted.
  • We are registered as a legal entity. On your choice we can provide our services as a legal entity or on a private individual service basis.
  • We always respond to your inquiries and mails.
  • We answer your enquiries as soon as possible. Please be sure that our response to your inquires will be back in 24 hours.
  • We will make an offer with the most optimal price, based on the peculiarities of client’s goods and services.
  • In case of urgency client may always get in touch with us through Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger or just call us. We would like to be of great use for client and his business, and we hope that he will be interested in this proposal of services.We are thrilled with the possibility of doing business with client!

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