Daewoo International Corp.

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Daewoo International Corporation emerged as a company dedicated to international trading and investments when the international trading and construction sector of Daewoo Corporation was spun off into three (3) companies : Daewoo International Corporation, Daewoo Engineering & Construction Company Limited and Daewoo Corporation. Since the completion of workout on Dec. 27, 2003,

Daewoo International Corporation has been growing again to fulfill the vision of becoming a “World Best Global Trading & Investment Company".Daewoo International Corporation, which plays a significant role as a driving force for trading and overseas investments of Korea, is deploying a variety of businesses in diverse areas including international trading, manufacturing, sales, and resource development with approximately 6,000 customers by collecting and utilizing the optimum information using the global business networks.

Daewoo International Corporation will continue to serve its role as cornerstone for the expansion of Korea’s exports and overseas resource development through international marketing know-how accumulated through its global network of international experts in trading, procurement of high quality commodities in good quality and abundant domestic and international sales bases.

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