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ServoCode Sp. z o.o

Размер компании:
10–50 сотрудников

We deliver fast and continuously…

When you ask us to deliver software we gather requirements with you. We create schedule together making sure everything is delivered on time. After week of development we can already present you first results. Since business is constantly changing, at any time you can ask us to change course of the project. We are used to changing requirements so we found a way of development that will not block your business.We produce software using Agile SCRUM and Test Driven Development methods. So not only we can significantly reduce project price but also we make sure that project is maintainable and improve your business.

It’s about business not technology

We could brag that we use Java, PHP, C#, C++, Python, TypeScript or any other language (we do). We could mention some incomprehensible framework names like Spring, Hibernate, Xamarin, .NET but we believe that is not the point. When you come to us we will help you by delivering product using language and framework that is affordable for you and that will give you a chance working with your clients on time with expected efficiency.

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