ASTAPRIME is an international medical software company specialising in premium technological solutions for clinical trial sites, academic medical centres and hospitals participating in clinical research.

ASTAPRIME currently operates within three Europe-based offices located in London, Krakow and Dnipro. This tripod works relentlessly to achieve their specific objectives, unshakeable in their commitment to developing and providing a product of outstanding quality and utility to its clients around the world.

Our London office introduces our product to the global market, managing customer relations and ensuring our customer service is of the highest standard.

You can find our expert developers, test/QA analysts, graphic designers and project managers at the Dnipro office in Ukraine, working tirelessly to create the solutions that are then used globally.

In Krakow, Poland, our board of directors, CEO and chief software engineers are constantly developing the innovative, cutting-edge solutions that will revolutionise the face of clinical trials. They work together to ensure the highest standards of business performance are met, setting new benchmarks and inspiring the team across the continent to always achieve more.

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