Банадр Логистикс

Транспорт, логістика
Розмір компанії:
10–50 співробітників

Located in the Western Ukraine, we boast a wide range of products, designated to satisfy the needs of most demanding customers. Right now we cooperate with wood processing factories in Ukraine and export all over the world. We are convinced that quality is the thing everyone should strive for and we aim to bring it to you.

We are dedicated to widening the boundaries of our cooperation. That’s why it would be an honour to have the opportunity to bring our products to different countries and work with new clients.

We are keen on expanding and further developing in order to offer quality goods for a growing number of clients. It is our strong belief that reliability, understanding and flexibility are keys to fruitful cooperation for years to come.

We are open to cooperation in order to create strong relationships to further process wood and bring quality wooden products to everyone.

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