Who are we?

BlueOptima is the only company to provide objective, transparent software development productivity metrics for team leaders, project managers and executive sponsors. The technology has been implemented by some of the world’s largest organizations with thousands of software developers. This rapid, successful product uptake presently allows our company expand.

We are currently seeking to recruit highly able software developers who are driven and motivated to solve deep technical and complex problems and take ownership of the modules they work on.

Why work for us?

We pay above market salary because we value quality:

Just as we initially approached the world’s largest enterprises to on-board as clients, we are seeking the most talented candidates to join our team.

We offer an attractive balance of flexibility:

We are happy for staff to work from home, and given that we are looking for software developers far beyond London or New York, working in one of our offices will not be possible. Similarly, working within normal UK business hours is not important and in very different time zone can not be expected. We will supply the IT you need for work, ie laptop / MacBook.At the same time, we offer solid, regular employment, and no kind of «zero-hours» contracts. The contract we use for non-British employees is that of an external consultant, but this is not for the more common purpose of an informal, non-permanent arrangement, but purely because of complexity two different countries' systems regarding tax and other employment law. Rather, the engagement is certainly intended to be long-lasting and, for applicable positions, packaged with company share options.

A company with a bright future:

After many years of research and development into BlueOptima’s technology, extending in advance of the company’s incorporation in 2007, the strong offering is driving healthy sales. With large enterprises already deriving ROI, a huge global market remains. Unlike the vast majority of small companies, there are no limits to BlueOptima’s potential revenues.

If you are interested in joining our fast-moving, close-knit, focused team, please explore the details of roles for which we are currently hiring.

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