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Компарус.юа, ООО

Вакансія від 19 липня 2018

Java developer

Компарус.юа, ООО  
IT; 10–50 співробітників
Вид зайнятості:
повна зайнятість
досвід роботи від 2 років, вища освіта

Опис вакансії


Project: the migration of mainframe world to java world

Aim: migration of current in-house system of data processing to new technologies

Customer: representatives of German financial branch

Our requirements:

  • Work with Java at least for two years
  • Know what is Java Core and how Java Machine works
  • Understand what is RDBMS and can read in SQL
  • Know what are ORMs and have experience with any kind of them
  • See the difference between website and webapp
  • Understand this text in English and can write a similar one. And speak on this level
  • Have ever seen JS, HTML, CSS and can differentiate them
  • Can work in a team of people and team can work with you


  • Develop code
  • Fix bugs which you’ve done
  • Fix bugs of your colleagues
  • Refactor your code
  • Refactor colleagues' code
  • Fix bugs again
  • Deliver needed functionality at planned time

We offer:

  • enough work for all team players
  • you can make your work interesting, we promote that
  • cutting-edge technologies are welcome in our team
  • we will try to motivate you as much as we can if you need that
  • we know, that developers love hardware, we will try to make you happy with your working place
  • friendly-professional atmosphere in a team, we like to work together :)
  • there is no 9−18 schedule, unless it is adequate
  • you can enjoy your vacation in the same way and amount as most of your friends
  • when you are sick, we are sad with that and of course compensate it as working time

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