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Kamenetskyy Anton

Head of Trade Finance & Documentary Business Unit

Повна зайнятість.

Дата народження:
4 лютого 1986 (32 роки)

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Досвід роботи

Counterparty Risk Executive (International Trade Division)

з 05.2012 по 10.2015 (3 роки 5 місяців)
Public joint stock company “UKRGASBANK”, Киев (Bank)

Consult corporate clients to streamline the documentary servicing for the Bank's trade financial operations.
Prepare analysis to recommend policy changes that would impact new strategies for Credit Committee review.
Ensure robust documentation for process of opening, closing, and servicing of an account.
Establish adequate analytical support and documentation for processes of extending credits, guarantees, credit agreements and security agreements for international trade agreements.
Adhere to international rules in verification of documents provided to the bank for credit verification by counterparts.
Responsible for the completeness of documentation required for competitive participation in tendering process to acquire financial services with international clients.
Maintain a comprehensive repository of credit operations documentation for the department per regulatory requirements.
Consolidate and own the procedures for other Bank departments necessary to support different functions, such as opening of an account, money transfer and submitting book entries within international operations.
Monitor a timely payment (accrual) of commission fees on accounts.
Ongoing analysis and monitoring of the changes in legislative and regulatory requirements that would impact daily operations.
Responsible for correspondence with different state and commercial organizations.
Propose changes to procedures and provisions that regulate the process of servicing operations.
Analyze the changes in the market environment in order to timely uncover negative tendencies and mitigate the risks of default on obligations.
Provide recommendation to value banking goods and services consistent with constantly evolving banking products and services.
Develop and organize the educational seminars (trainings, testing, educational programs, etc.) within Bank and across different business partners.

Chief Officer of the Counterparty Risk Department

з 10.2010 по 05.2012 (1 рік 7 місяців)
Public joint stock company "Piraeus Bank ICB», Киев (Bank)

Extensive analysis of trade financial agreements.
Structure all aspects of the contracts, including the payment and other provisions by utilizing the letters of credit and guarantees.
Prepare the recommendations and analysis for strategy changes to various Bank review committees.
Compile credit, security and pledge agreements.
Establish procedures and provisions regulating the documentation instruments for servicing process.
Responsible for documenting the process of opening and closing accounts for servicing of letters of credit, guarantees, avals.
Prepare letters of credit, guarantees, avals, reflection in the register of bailments per accounting requirements.
Timely renewal of obligations for accounts being opened for servicing .
Creation, verification, and authorizing of messages in SWIFT system.
Monitor incoming letters of credit and guarantees.
Manage payments for servicing operations
Provide timely responses to clients' inquiries, requests by other internal departments and auditor findings

Chief Economist (department of Trade Financing and Documentary Operations )

з 07.2008 по 10.2010 (2 роки 3 місяці)
Public joint stock company “Brokbusinessbank”, Киев (Bank)

Development and introduction of products and services in the field of documentary operations, development of propositions concerning introduction of contemporary banking instruments in the sphere of documentary operations.
Provision of propositions concerning optimizing of structuring of documentary operations, rating policy criteria, risks policy in the sphere of holding of the above mentioned operations.
Exploring the client's needs in holding of a documentary operation and/or trade financing operation, development of the structure of operation, development of the financial part of foreign economic contract, development and agreement of texts of documentary instruments.
Preparation for holding of a documentary operation and agreement of its conditions with the Bank's responsible departments, preparation of conclusions for the Credit council and/or Credit committee, concordance with foreign financial institutions of conditions of a documentary operation or trade financing operation.
Controlling the scheduled tasks concerning the volume of documentary operations portfolio and trade financing operations, profitability thereof, volume of fee income, provision of expenditure optimization by these operations, preparation of generalized information on documentary operations and trade financing portfolio, its profitability, etc.


з 06.2006 по 07.2008 (2 роки 1 місяць)
LLC “Prok-Bussiness”, Киев (Polygraphy)

Managing the scientific and economical and organizational and economical provision of the enterprise activity. Development and organization of introduction of measures concerning increase of productivity, effectiveness and profitability of production, quality of production, decrease of the prime cost, maintenance of rise in labour productivity, achievement of effective results taking into account rationalization of expenditure of material, labour, and financial resources.
Coordination of activity of the enterprise economical departments as to making up prospective working plans in the competitive conditions according to the concluded economical agreements, development of current plans with the necessary verifications and calculations, organizational and technical measures in improvement of economical mechanism, economical activity, revealing and using the reserves of production.
Supporting the increase of verification of economical calculations, defining of planned figures. Holding of work on improvement of economical performances of the enterprise departments' activity, achievement of a high level of verification thereof, creation and improvement of a statutory framework for planning, norms of expenditure for product and material values, circulating assets and use of manufacturing facilities.
Provision of a strict adherence to a regime of economy of material, labour, and financial resources in all directions of the enterprise economic activity.
Works in improvement of production organization, preparation of propositions aimed at work productivity improvement and production effectiveness, improvement of the economic independence of the enterprise and economic responsibility of the employees.
Development of rational forms of primary, accounting and reporting documentation used at the enterprise, as well as introduction of automated management systems and computers for holding of economic calculations in the field of planning, accounting and analysis of economic activity.
Economic calculations and analysis of effectiveness of introduction of new technics and technology, as well as new types of production during creation and implementation thereof.
Marketing research, analysis of the enterprise working indexes and of other enterprises, introduction of the best practices of economic work.
Controlling the timely reporting as to results of economic activity to the appropriate public authorities.

Chief Accountant assistant

з 09.2002 по 06.2006 (3 роки 9 місяців)
LLC “Prok-Bussiness”, Киев (Polygraphy)

Making accounting reports on the basis of source documents and accounting records, providing thereof to the appropriate public authorities.
Accounting of capital assets, reserves, costs, settlements, and other assets, own capital and liabilities, profits and expenditure according to the form of accounting adopted at the enterprise adhering to uniform methodological basis of accounting and taking into account the peculiarities of the enterprise activity and data processing technology.
Provision of full and consistent reflection of information contained in the source documents accepted to accounting, at the accounts of bookkeeping.
Filing to the banking institutions of documents for transferring of costs in accordance with the defined taxes and payments as well as for settlements with other lenders according to the contractual obligations. Making inventory of assets and liabilities, issuing materials concerning deficiency and refunding the losses from deficiency.
Preparation of data for inclusion thereof to the financial reporting, making separate forms thereof, as well as forms of other periodic reporting based on the data of bookkeeping.
Charging and transferring of payments to the state budget, dues for state social insurance, costs for financing of capital deposits; accounting of expenditure for production and circulation, using of estimates of costs, realization of products, making an economic justification of reporting calculations of the products, works and services self-cost, full accounting of incoming monetary costs, product and material values and fixed assets, as well as timely reflection of operations concerning the movement thereof in the bookkeeping.


Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University

International economics and management, Master in speciality - International business management, Киев

Вища, з 09.2003 по 06.2008 (4 роки 9 місяців)

Професійні навички

  • Навички роботи з комп’ютером
    ABC B2
    1С:ACCOUNTING 7.7,
    MS Office,
    Mac OS

Знання мов

  • Англійська — середній
  • Російська — експерт
  • Українська — експерт

Додаткова інформація

More then 6 years experience and hard working in field of documentary operations and trade finance. Working only on high result and effectiveness. Solid grounding in work with different credit loans (including VIP clients). Excellent experience in international payments and accounting. Able to analyze market situation and have good stress management background. Fluent in Russian, Ukrainian and English.

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