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Kotovoy Denis Borisovich

Java developer (Middle)

Повна зайнятість, неповна зайнятість, дистанційна робота.

23 роки

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Додаткова інформація

Kotovoy Denis
Personal details
I have strong knowledge of Java SE, Java EE and algorithm development. I am ready to work with frequently changing requirements within tight deadlines. I am a strong team player and highly motivated java developer. Looking for a challenging job with wide opportunities for further personal and professional growth.

Date of birth
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Work experience

Java software engineer in CyberVision
Java software engineer in getJavaJob (training)

Java, Javascript, SQL, HTML, CSS
Spring 4, JPA 2/Hibernate 4, Servlet, JDBC, Alfresco, RabbitMQ, SOLR, JSP, JSF, JQuery 2, Twitter Bootstrap 3, Maven 3, Tomcat 7, XStream, Apache HttpClient
MVC, REST, SOAP, Dependency Injection, IoC, GoF
JUnit, Mockito
PostgreSQL, Oracle
Jira, Trello



National Aviation University
Institute of Computer Information Technologies, Software engineering
Chernihiv collage transport and computer technology
Maintenance of computer systems and networks, Computer Engineering Technician

Professional Experience

Java Software Engineer / CyberVIsion
2016 - Now

Project: Automatization for medical clinic and sanitation department
Project description: I am working on an enterprise content management system for the medical institution. The system is based on alfresco with a lot of custom features (both on frontend and backend) implemented for customers special needs. The system handles several hundreds of patients daily and generates all their medical documents providing all necessary functionality for all clinical needs. Clinic completely switched from paperwork to the digital workflow since the system went live.
Modules currently used by the Clinic:
• XXX module is used to log sick/LODI/Workers’ Compensation incidents, monitor employees’ medical leave and track the progress of each case opened into this module. Different reports related to medical leave are available here.
• YYY was built to provide scanning and indexing capabilities of medical documents, search and retrieve electronic records, leverage information and workflow technology to automate the creation of commonly used XXX forms that require input and approval from different specialists within the Medical Division.
• Complaint System is used for entering complaints related to violations of the medical leave policy.
• ZZZ is used to retrieve the data related to employment termination of the sanitation workers.
Support and optimization of legacy code
Fixed bugs
Web-view customization
Adding new back-end features
Tools, technologies: Spring 4, JPA 2, Alfresco, RabbitMQ, SOLR, JSF, JQuery 2, Maven 3, Tomcat 7, Oracle DB

Java Software Engineer / getJavaJob
2015 - 2016

Project: Social Network
Project description: Yet another social network for students.
Developed functionality:
Registration, ajax loading of cities and countries, authentication, ajax search, display profile, edit profile, edit profile privacy settings, upload and download avatar, users xml serialization, paging, soap and restful find users, alert when a user online using web sockets.
Tools, technologies: JDK 7, Spring 4, JPA 2 / Hibernate 4, jQuery 2, Twitter Bootstrap 3, JUnit 4, Mockito, Maven 3, Git / Bitbucket, Tomcat 7, PostgreSQL

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