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Senior PHP developer

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Описание вакансии

We’re .io — international big data team of 50+ people. We’re working on creating state of the art analytical platform for business. Analysts, engineers, sales managers, and marketers are part of our team.We're growing 10 times a year. Working with customers from all over the world including the USA and Europe. «Times» and «Forbes» are among them. We’re processing a huge amount of data (3.5 billion requests daily which are about the size of Russian Facebook).We love answering complex questions. We hate bureaucracy. Working hard and celebrating growth together. Located in Kiev. Nice office near metro station.Currently, we’re expanding our services both in terms of industries and locations.

General requirements:

  • Bachelor or Masters degree, preferably in engineering.
  • Intermediate spoken and written English.
  • Available recommendations from former colleagues.

Position requirements:

  • 3 years experience in PHP: structural and object development, securedevelopment, fault-tolerant development.
  • Strong database experience: Innodb & memory engines in Mysql,queries efficiency and optimization, efficient database architectures.
  • Strong experience in building web applications across multiple serversand microservices architectures.
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services.
  • Practical knowledge in using job queues (Gearman) and asynchronouscommunication between servers.
  • Vertica or any other columnar storage experience would be a great plus.
  • Ubuntu console skills: getting system metrics, installing and configuringsoftware.
  • Experience with Redis, Elastic, Python or Nodejs would be a great plus.

Position details:

  • Extend our 300+ servers hybrid cloud platform in terms of scalabilityand performance.
  • Provide security and availability improvements.
  • Manage younger professionals.
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