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Макаренко Игорь Станиславович

Программист, 90 000 грн

Полная занятость, удаленная работа.

Дата рождения:
7 октября 1974 (43 года)

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Опыт работы

Senior Software Engineer

с 12.2016 по наст. время (1 год 5 месяцев)
OLSOM, Киев (Software Develpment)

Re-engineering legacy client-server desktop system for web. Create legacy screen loader and executor, develop more then 18 custom javascript based UI controls. Develop communication module between screens and Data Hub server using signalR.

Senior Software Developer

с 11.2015 по 11.2016 (1 год)
BMS Techno, Киев (Software development)

Develop C#/ASP.NET MVC modules for Doclogix project (document and business process management web based solution). Integration with Java based 3rd party system using SOAP; import/export data, single sign-on. Import/export entries to LDAP; Develop office 365 web base add-ins including REST services, WCF for data exchange. Migrate Silverlight workflow component to js component.

Product owner/SEO specialist/Arhitect/Developer

с 11.2013 по 11.2015 (2 года)
Private Entrepreneur, Kiev (e-Commerce)

Develop and promote Internet ASP.NET DotNetNuke based e-comerce platform DecorJournal; Design application architecture, develop some modules and skins; perform SEO analysis and optimization.

Software Development Team Lead/Senior Developer

с 10.2005 по 08.2013 (7 лет 10 месяцев)
Tarkosoft, Киев (Software development, outsourcing)

Participate in all aspects of the software development process from requirements to coding( on C#, Java, HTML, JS) and deploying for the following projects
Polarion (Java, JS/HTML, Spring), ADP Business Online(C#, ASP.NET, JS/HTML, LINQ, SQL, DNN), ADP WebCRM(C#, ASP.NET, ), Euphoric Fuel (C#, WinForms), Bail Bond(C#, WinForms)

Team Lead/Architect/Senior Developer

с 08.2004 по 09.2005 (1 год 1 месяц)
Ciklum, Киев (Software development; outsorcing)

As team lead was responsible for assembling a team from 1-up to 8 developers; manage the team; define the Scaflogic project architecture, develop some core functionality (C#.Net,GDI,Open GL)

Senior Software Developer

с 09.2000 по 08.2004 (3 года 11 месяцев)
Infopulse, Киев (Software development; outsourcing)

Java+web developer for Kyriba financial project (Java, J2EE, JSP, Struts) for large German bank Commerzbank
VB developer for U2 project (cash and treasure management for financial institutions)

Software Developer

с 10.1997 по 06.2000 (2 года 8 месяцев)
Tessart, Киев (Software Development outsourcing)

C++/C developer for Irex 2000 project;
VB developer for BookTrack system
QA/testor + technical writer for Deicing slot project

Software Engineer/Software Architect

с 11.1995 по 01.1999 (3 года 2 месяца)
Solvaig, Киев (Medical diagnostic devices production, distribution)

Developer/Architect of MediCAD medical monitoring system (Delphi + assembler based)
Patients DB registry to keep patients’ cards and tools for viewing and analyzing patients’ investiagtions;client/server,
ABP (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Holter monitoring system)
HRV (Heart Rate Variability Holter monitoring system)
ECG (Electrical Cardiogram Holter monitoring system)

Software Enginier

с 02.1993 по 08.1995 (2 года 6 месяцев)
Fonon, Киев (Product and distribution measurement devices)

C/Pascal/Assembler programmer (PC and hardware)



Електронной техники, Киев

Высшее, с 09.1990 по 09.1995 (5 лет)

Знание языков

  • Английский — эксперт

Дополнительная информация

Oct, 2015 - Now BMS Techno
Doclogix (doclogix.com)
Participate in all phases of software development, participate in meetings with customers, gather user stories, update backlog list, assign tasks. Develop REST services for integration MS Office add-ins, develop digital signature, import form LDAP; WebRTC chat
DocLogix™ – an adaptable, configurable, document and business process management web based solution. C#, ASP.NET/MVC, REST, WCF, MS SQL, HTML/CSS/JS
Dec, 2013 - June, 2015 Private Entrepreneur
DecorJournal (www.decorjournal.com)
Develop Internet Portal based on CMS DotNetNuke; perform SEO analysis; business area research, hire team members; create tasks search for contracts
DecorJournal internet portal for household products/services, home interior and exterior design and construction. The portal consolidates product from different shops and allows end-user quickly find the products using filters and internal search. For shop-owners it offers ready to use web-shop. C#,Java, ASP.NET,JavaScript,jQuery,SQL,DNN,Linq
Sep, 2013 - Nov, 2013 Tarkosoft
Polarion/Birt Reporting Integration (polarion.com)
Polarion is Application Life Cycle Management system .
As Java Developer Integrate Birt Reporting Engine with Polarion.
Java, JSP, Apache, Tomcat; JavaScript
Aug, 2010 - Sep, 2013 Tarkosoft
Business Online (BOL)
Automotive Trade
Develop DotNetNuke modules (Search, Service Online)
Project summary
Business Online is a suite of packages that helps auto dealerships to generate online sales. It includes Vehicle Online, Quote Online, Service Online and Finance Online.
Dec, 2008 - Aug, 2010 Tarkosoft
CRM, Automotive Trade
Role and responsibilities
Develop web widgets; web services for data exchange.
Project summary
ADP Web CRM helps to form a relationship with customers at the very beginning of the purchase cycle
C#,Java,ASP.NET,JavaScript,jQuery mobile,SQL,DNN,Linq
Feb, 2007 - Decr, 2008 Tarkosoft
Application Life Cycle Management (ALM)
Role and responsibilities
Java Developer/Team Lead; Discuss tasks with customer and conveying them to developers, manage team of 4 developers, develop Wiki module and module for Subversion
Polarion is collaborative web based application for management all phases of the application life cycle,from initial requirements to source code to production
Java, Eclipse; Spring; Hibirnatel TomCat; HTML/JavaScript; Subversion
Jan, 2006 - Feb, 2007 Tarkosoft
Euphoric Fuel
Call centers, Computer telephony
C# Developer/Team Lead; Discuss tasks with customer, planning tasks, manage team of 4 developers, develop computer telephony tasks
Project summary
The single and multi-office system for generating more effective customer relations and time management tools including automated appointment reminders, voice/fax/e-mail broadcasting and automated survey deployment
C#,WinForms C++ SQLite TAPI
Oct, 2005 - Jan, 2006 Tarkosoft
Bail Bond
Specific bail agency
Role and responsibilities
C# Developer; develop application specific business logic.
Project summary
Bail Bond software system does everything from tracking inventory to reporting exoneration. There are three packages: Surety, General Agent and Retail.
Augt, 2004 - Sep, 2005 Ciklum
Building, Scaffolding
Team Lead/ Architect; Discuss & analyze business logic with the customer, assemble team from 1 developer up to 8, planning tasks develop core functionality
Construct-it is an advanced software aimed for the professional scaffolding business
C#,MS SQL,DirectX
June, 2002 - Aug, 2004 Infopulse Ukraine
Finance, Accounting
Senior Java Developer, Develop cache ledger module
Project summary
U2 collaborative solutions connect, alert, track, and monitor all the financial department's mission critical processes and the most strategic resource:Cash Management Payments Foreign Exchange Accounting
May, 2001 - June, 2002 Infopulse Ukraine
Kyriba Portal
Finance, Management
Java Developer/Develop financial web portal.
HTML,XML, JavaScript, JSP, ASP, WebLogic, J2EE, Brio Portal,JetSpeed,Rational Rose.
Sep, 2000 - May, 2001 Infopulse Ukraine
Finance, Management
Java Developer
Project summary
The project is an innovative solution for enabling Financial Institutions to effectively distribute their corporate financial services in the c-commerce
Full CV available upon request

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