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Самедов Рустам Тельман

React.js, Node.js developer, 50 000 грн

Полная занятость.

Дата рождения:
6 августа 1979 (38 лет)

Контактная информация

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Samedov Rustam Telman Oglu
Male, 38 years, born on 6 August 1979

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Skype: r.samedov1

Reside in: Baku
Citizenship: Azerbaijan, work permit at: Russia, Azerbaijan
Ready to relocate, ready for business trips

Desired position and salary
Director, Deputy marketing director
Marketing, Advertising, PR
• Marketing Management
Employment: full time
Work schedule: full day
Desired travel time to work: any

Work experience — 15 years 7 months
January 2017 — Pasha Holding - Pasha Construction
September 2017 pashaconstruction.com
9 months
Duty Manager
Ensuring the correct marketing policy of the shopping center.
Ensuring employees are offering exceptional customer
Making sure customers are happy with the service and products.
Delegating duties.
Assisting store managers.
Helping to implement store policies.
Routing sales productivity reports to staff.
Motivating employees.
Handling cash and end of day checking.
Managing store cleanliness and organization.
Dealing with customer complaints and issues.

March 2012 — «Region- 54» LLC
December 2016
4 years 10 months Director
Strategic development and operational management of customer service.
Ensuring the implementation of projects of the company.
Interaction with the urban consent and controlling structures for the project.
Organization of preparation, approval and monitoring of budgets and construction schedules.
Monitoring compliance with quality construction.
Preparation and delivery of objects into operation.

April 2009 — Ltd. " Roads" Deputy Director of Construction
February 2012 Russia, Novosibirsk
2 years 11 months
Deputy Director of Construction

Resume updated 8 September 2017 at 06:30
Organization of all types of construction activities.
Drawing up, monitoring the implementation of the construction schedule.
Development of the optimal financing plan of the facility construction.
Coordination of production work of contractors
Monitoring compliance with production technology works on the project.
Organizing procurement of the construction with necessary building materials, machinery and
Rational use of the site.
Delivery of the facility for further exploitation.

February 2007 — CC "Sapphire X".
September 2009
2 years 8 months Deputy Director
General and operational management of construction management and its constituent
Development of production plans and work schedules.
Monitoring the performance of work units and production sites.
Interaction with customers.

November 2003 — Ltd. "Cobra"
September 2007
3 years 11 months Deputy Director of Sales
Monitoring the implementation of sales.
Direct participation in the sales strategy.
Development and introduction of employee motivation.

February 2001 — «Exxon Mobil com.»
September 2002
1 year 8 months Manager of active sales
- Planning and development of sales in a variety of sales channels, product promotion in
oil-producing region.
Carrying out of the talks with the leaders of the oil-producing companies. Implementation of direct
sales, implementation of plans.
Successful teamwork, setting priorities in solving the problems.
Taking measures to stimulate the marketing of products.


2015 İLT
ILT Academy, Successful marketing and sales strategy

2013 EF English First
Advanced, English

2002 Baku State University
International relations and international law, International diplomatic

2000 Baku State University
International relations and international law, International diplomatic

Key skills
Languages Azerbaijani — native
English — I am a fluent speaker

Samedov Rustam • Resume updated 8 September 2017 at 06:30
Spanish — I can attend an interview
Russian — I am a fluent speaker
Turkish — I am a fluent speaker

Skills Collect and analyze all marketing information
Create co-operative business plans with partners
Enhance distribution customer relationships
Create and present customer proposals and quotations
Produce and deliver formal business proposals and presentations

Further information
Recommendations "Cobra" LTD
Sychev Alexander Anatolievich (Director)

Cherkashin Anton Vladimirovich (Director)

About me Responsible and punctual. Has got to work backgroud in the international company, Hobby - Sport

Samedov Rustam • Resume updated 8 September 2017 at 06:30

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