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Клепацкий Николай Николаевич

Lawyer, 2 500 грн

Полная занятость, неполная занятость, удаленная работа.

Дата рождения:
21 ноября 1979 (38 лет)

Контактная информация

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Опыт работы

Senior lawyer of M&A

с 07.2012 по 12.2012 (5 месяцев)
LTD “TEKT-Expert”, (M&A)

(group of the companies, M&A specialization)
–due diligence of M&A (mergers and acquisitions) object
–development of the mergers and acquisitions plans and estimation of possible risks;
–legal support of meetings for higher management, participants of mergers and acquisitions;
–preparation of projects for M&A;
–legal support for estimation of share value, redemption by society of shares of minority shareholders at M&A;
–development and implementation of plans of section and transformation (reorganizations) of enterprises, estimation of possible risks;
–consultations in issue of the possible schemes of unfriendly mergers and acquisitions (raid actions), the possibility of risks minimization during the realization of raid actions;

–conduct of the alternative energy’s project (sun energy), including:
-preparation of documents for a serve and receipt of licenses in NKRE;
-preparation of documents, that are necessary for building of object (selection and registration of rights on lot land, concordance of technical document);
-preparation of documents and support in purchase of electric power with the use of coefficient of “green tariff”;
-preparation of agreements for investors group, inlaying in development of alternative energy;
-consultation in taxation issue.

Lawyer (outsourcing)

с 02.2012 по 07.2012 (5 месяцев)
LTD “Investment union “Swan”, (development)

(Ocean Plaza project, outsourcing)
–participating in contractual work on entering into contracts with future leaseholders (approximately 60 leaseholders);
–analysis of legal corrections of leaseholders, preparation of answers for corrections, grant of conclusions, answers for protocols of disagreements;
–negotiations, litigation;
–preparation of answers for the queries of leaseholders.

Head of the judicial department

с 08.2008 по 01.2011 (2 года 5 месяцев)
Ltd. "Interconsulting", (international legal company, which specializes in representing of clients in the courts, including arbitration courts abroad)

–judicial practice primarily in the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine, Ukraine's Supreme Administrative Court, Supreme Court of Ukraine (preparation of documents and drafts);
–protection of industrial property rights (drafting of contracts, representation in courts);
–work with laws of foreign countries for legal proceedings in foreign and international jurisdiction bodies;
–legal support during implementation of new schemes of doing business in Ukraine;
–tackling the problems of raider attacks, legal support for mergers;
–representation in courts and in law enforcement;
–work in the field of corporate law, work with real estate, securities, investment, foreign trade, foreign exchange transactions (including economic consult of the Elliott Waves);
–legal support of investment processes, support acquisition / disposition of corporate rights;
–work with nonresidents, conduct of negotiations.

Senior Lawyer

с 09.2005 по 07.2012 (6 лет 10 месяцев)
Ltd. "Maysternya Prava", (legal company, which represents clients in the courts and in other governmental organizations)

–judicial practice primarily in the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine, Ukraine's Supreme Administrative Court, Supreme Court of Ukraine (preparation of documents and drafts, approximately 500 cases, 5 thousand hours of the trials);

–judicial and extra-judicial settlement of issues related to hostile mergers and acquisitions, solving the problems of multi-vector raider attacks, development and introduction the plan of activities for the protection of unfriendly mergers and acquisitions (raiders activities), including:
-preparation of the judicial document’s projects, directed on protecting from unfriendly mergers and acquisitions (raid actions), in case if the indicated actions are carried out by court decisions, without application and with the use of the bankruptcy procedure;
-preparation of appeals in law enforcement authorities in relation to the carried out or planned (forecast) raid actions;
-providing the “publicity” of process by media coverage of the carried out raid actions;
-development and implementation of contractions, directed on «neutralization» of raid activity (buying up, serve of lawsuits, providing of arrest raiders assets);
-representative of clients interests in all judicial bodies of all instances, in all public authorities, including law-enforcement;

–work with the finance organizations (loans, mortgages, insurance);
–law support in the courts one of the biggest Ukrainian Bank (non Ukrainian capital);
–preparation of conclusions, law issues’ consulting;
–legal support of transactions with securities;
–organization of the identification, prevention work and recovery of distressed assets;
–preparation of contracts in the field of copyright and related rights (interests of the investor);

–legal support of activity for one of the biggest bank of Ukraine during 1,5 years on the total amount of problem assets in several hundred million hryvnas, including:
-analysis and consultation concerning credit, mortgages and other contracts of the bank;
-complex support and representation of the bank interests in the commercial and local courts;
-analysis of credit deals about the prospects of debts’ collection, the selection of mechanisms for collection of debts, definition of tactics and strategy of debts collection, methods of recovery the debtor's property;
-pre-trial and claim work with the debtors of bank;
-support of bankruptcy procedures and liquidations of legal entities, debtors of bank;
-legal support of investment unit’s projects , merge processes and acquisitions (M&A);
-provision of consultations related to the foreign investments and corporate right, support of the foreign economic contracts’ formation;
-conduct of negotiations with the clients of bank, officials of the companies and government bodies;
-control over the performance of the work by junior staff.


с 02.2005 по 05.2005 (3 месяца)
Ltd. "Comp Music", (Exclusive licensee of EMI on the territory of Ukraine, the British media group, one of the major record companies in the world, which is the member of the "Big Four" majors)

–preparation of contracts in the field of copyright and related rights;
–representation of the company’s interests in dealings with public authorities (GAASP, Inc. "Intelzaschita");
–legal support of the sales of phonogram copies;
–representation of the authors’ and artists’ interests in the courts;
–legal support, negotiations with the implementation of activities, followed by a public performance (concerts, registration rights pursuant to a public places, publishing);
–negotiating and solution of the disputes with the organizations of public broadcasting (television channels, radio stations), litigation.


с 03.2004 по 01.2005 (10 месяцев)
Ltd. "Factotum", (Legal company, which specializes in the legal support of the client's business)

–full business support (including in the sphere of investment and protection of know-how);
–consultation and representation on matters of copyright and neighboring rights;
–registration of trademarks for goods and services;
–development of license agreements;
–law support of the corporate security;
–law support of the tax planning;
–presentation of the claims, representative in the courts, as well as during execution work;
–execution of a judicial decision;
–participation in the bankruptcy proceedings;
–development and implementation of the debt restructuring schemes;
–protection of client’s interests and his staff during inspections (tax, prosecutors, economic сrimes);
–organization of leasing and lending systems;
–corporate work (employment and economic relations).


с 07.2002 по 02.2004 (1 год 7 месяцев)
NGO "Society for Promoting scientists Municipal Reform", (non-governmental scientific organization at the Association of Ukrainian Cities)

–research work, funded by grants from the International Fund “Renaissance”;
–the author of 4 scientific and practical works;
–the winner of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission and the competition of Defense for the best scientific work among the undergraduate and graduate students on the issues of elections and referendums in Ukraine.


с 09.2001 по 05.2002 (8 месяцев)
Ltd. "Logos", (registration, licensing and work with claims)

–preparation and analysis of business contracts;
–registration of legal entities, registration of licenses;
–development of association articles;
–presentation of claims.


The University of Economics and Law "KROK"

Department of Law, Kyiv

Высшее, с 09.2003 по 05.2004 (8 месяцев)

Master of Law with honors in the sphere of Intellectual Property (copyright and related rights)

The University of Economics and Law "KROK"

Department of Law, Kyiv

Высшее, с 09.1997 по 05.2003 (5 лет 8 месяцев)

Master of Law with honors

Профессиональные навыки

  • Навыки работы с компьютером
    high-level user. Extensive of work with legal information databases "League", "Pilot," "Right," "Sail", "Law of Ukraine"

Знание языков

  • Русский — эксперт
  • Украинский — эксперт
  • Английский — средний
  • Немецкий — начинающий

Дополнительная информация

Personal skills:analytical thinking, systems approach to solving problems, find innovative solutions, industry, energy, teamwork and independently, speed in decision making, responsibility, honesty.
My slogan: Or do not, or do well.

Requirements for employers:Guidance by Honor code.

PC knowledge:high-level user. Extensive of work with legal information databases "League", "Pilot," "Right," "Sail", "Law of Ukraine"

Languages:Russian fluently, Ukrainian fluently, English Intermediate.

Auto:don’t have driving license, but it’s possible to get.

Estimated salary:Full employment, partial or distance employment is possible according to agreement.

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