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IT Department Manager, Team Leader, IT Recruiter

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Досвід роботи

Project Manager/Team Lead

з 11.2011 по 05.2013 (1 рік 6 місяців)
FloridCoder (Remote & IT firm), (Remote & IT firm)

Ensured the smooth running of ICT systems and provided IT services that improved the efficiency and performance of the company.
Developed project plans and assumed responsibility for projects profit and loss.
Monitored project activities and advised staff of issues due to resource availability
Presented reports on the current program, future opportunities and client issues.
Hold weekly internal and external meetings.

Project Manager/ IT recruiter

з 06.2009 по 06.2011 (2 роки)
Dinos.net, Inc., (American firm), (IT company)

Responsible for the project management throughout the entire project lifecycle, including project proposals, project delivery, recruiting IT specialists (if need for a project), business liaison, post implementation review and project close out or handover.
•Setting budgets and agreeing project time scales and deadlines with clients.
•Holding weekly internal and external meetings on progress .
•Single point of contact for all communications between the customer and company’s working team.
•Managing staff to ensure that all milestones are achieved within the agreed timeframes.
•Ensuring effective quality control processes are in place to monitor deliverables produced.
•Maintaining client relationships.
•Responsible for identifying, analyzing, measuring and managing project risks.
•Major project work on Content management System: Word Press, Joomla.

Project Manager

з 05.2008 по 05.2009 (1 рік)
Risc Group (ExTaco) French Firm, (Software Development)

Identify & qualify opportunities in cooperation with different teams of Risc Group, in alignment with Risc Group’s technology strategies; match Company's needs with its product and technical solutions; arrange technical workshop, and participate negotiations; build strong relationship with inside Company as agreed with account managers of customer team of Company; provide customer feedback to product line management for product planning.

•Responsible for management and career development of Kharkiv team's staff.
•Developed project plans and assumed responsibility for projects profit and loss.
•Worked with different teams of Risc Group to create and rewrite need software
•Monitored project activities and advised staff of issues due to resource availability
•Holding weekly internal and external meetings on progress

Project Manager/ Senior PM/ IT Recruiter

з 10.1997 по 04.2008 (10 років 6 місяців)
BMV Trade Inc., American Firm, (IT company)

Define and initiate projects, and assign Project Managers to manage cost, schedule, and performance of component projects, while working to ensure the ultimate success and acceptance of the program. Recruit IT programmers and designers.
•Responsible and accountable for the coordinated management of multiple related projects directed toward strategic business and other organizational objectives.
•Build credibility, establish rapport, and maintain communication with stakeholders at multiple levels, including those external to the organization.
•Maintain continuous alignment of program scope with strategic business objectives, and make recommendations to modify the program to enhance effectiveness toward the business result or strategic intent.
•Coach, mentor and lead personnel within team environment.
•Present periodic Dashboard reports on the current program, future opportunities and client issues.


ХГУ им. Каразина (бывший им.Горького)

Отделение структурной и прикладной лингвистики при филфаке, Харьков
Вища, з 09.1985 по 09.1990 (5 років)

профилирующими предметами были: программирование, английский, математика, дискретная математика, структурная лингвистика, логика.

Додаткова освіта

  • Scrum, Agile- ten steps for starting (short course) (12.2011. (three weeks))
  • Scrum or Extreme Programming. What’s better? (initial training course for working team) (10.2009 (14th days))
  • CRM. Some different views for understanding (training course for working team) (09.2009. (14th days))

Додаткова інформація

•More than 15 years experience as Professional Manager, Team Leader and IT Recruiter.
•Ability to direct complex projects from concept to fully operational status.
•Goal-oriented individual.
•Organized, highly motivated, and detail directed problem solver.
•Excellent background in high tech software development industry.
•Project management and logistical skills
•Written and expressed in three languages (English/Russian/Ukrainian).
•Excellent experience communicates with clients and developers remotely, over the internet.
•Experience in creation Retail software products

Personal attributes:
Initiative, hard working, communicative, result oriented, team player, customer focused, self organized,

Open for business trips.
More than 12 years "B" Drive licence

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