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Ларионов Евгений Георгиевич

IT Director, Chief of information security department, IT Project manager

Полная занятость, удаленная работа.

Дата рождения:
8 декабря 1953 (64 года)

Контактная информация

Соискатель указал телефон и эл. почту.

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Опыт работы

Head of Information Securiry Division

с 07.2016 по наст. время (1 год 9 месяцев)
PC "EXPRESS-BANK", Киев (Banking)

IT and Information Security, implementation of the CSIS (ISO 27001, 27002), compliance with international standards for information security and Ukrainian legislation and regulations of the National Bank of Ukraine.

Advisor of the Chairman of the Board

с 03.2014 по 07.2016 (2 года 4 месяца)
PC "Bank Mikhaylivsky", Киев (Banking)

IT infrusructure, IT processes, IT security ( ISO 27000), banking technology

Deputy Chairman of the Board

с 07.2011 по наст. время (6 лет 9 месяцев)
PC «Bank Russian Standard», (Banking)

Member of the Board of the bank, Chairman of the Technology Committee of the bank, Chairman of the Committee on Information Security, curator of two divisions (Information Technology, Banking Technology) and the Department of Information Security. Creation of the IT strategy of the bank , the development of the IT budget ( annual and long-term ) , the development of the organizational structure and staffing for IT and banking technology block: up to 20 departments and about 130 staff members. Participation in the coordination of development in the areas of IT, banking technology, information security with the parent bank. Leaderships in the implementation of new IT systems and technologies. Implementation of the CSIS (ISO 27001, 27002), governance of development and modifications in the software systems, IT and business processes. Governance in the creation and maintenance of functional and technological documentation of the bank. Operational control of departments and divisions, monitoring conformity to requirements of the legislation of Ukraine, to requirements NBU the bank’s orders and instructions in the areas of IT , banking technology and information security.
Achievements :
- Creation of IT infrastructure (network, computing, office equipment, primary and alternate channels of communication, mobile communication equipment ) ensuring integrity and development of bank offices (increased to 5 HO of the Bank , increasing the number of branches to 79 , increasing the number of small offices up to 300 ) ;
- Implementation of the project to upgrade the infrastructure IP Telephony and Call Centre (Cisco UCCE 9.1);
- Implementation of the project for updating the IT infrastructure for the bank's main accounting system ABS B2 (servers IBM Power 7 +, storage system IBM Storwize v7000, DBMS Oracle 11g)
- Implementation of the project for updating the IT infrastructure for the Internet Bank , which increased the number of clients to [открыть контакты](см. выше в блоке «контактная информация»);
- Development and building renovation of IT infrastructure by applying virtualization approaches ;
- Implementation of Help Desk / Service Desk;
- Implementation of the incident management process;
- Establish of the process of procurement of IT ;
- Implementation of the project for licensing of all IT systems, including products of Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, CS and other suppliers;
- Implementation of CSIS (ISO 27001, 27002 );
- The implementation of new technologies and systems, as well as carrying out modifications to existing systems to ensure the development of POS credit (brokerage scheme retailers Foxtrot , Eldorado , Allo ) , cache loans, card products (participation in IPU Visa, Master Card, issue co - brand cards with retailers Foxtrot, Vicoteck, Hyundai , etc.) , which has resulted in sales in 2013 of more than 4 billion UAH;
- The implementation of electronic document management system for the administration of the bank.

Head of Organization Function Department

с 05.2007 по 07.2011 (4 года 2 месяца)
JSB Erste Bank Ukraine, (Banking)

Responsibility: Management 6 sub-department: Project management, Process Management, Test and training, Support of Intranet, IT controlling and portfolio management, Quality IT (IT Architecture, IT Security). Hiring of personal, development regulations for Department and Sub-department, development job descriptions, plans, budgets, strategies.
Achievements :
-Participation in project IT implementation program Ukraine as a leader of project Test and Change management of big implementation program of new banking system. Program has included Core banking system, Front-end system, middleware layer for integration of applications, also SAP subsystems for intra-bank purposes, batch interfaces, and sophisticated system for plastic card processing.
- All needed processes (test management, change management, incident management, and release management) were developed and documented for project’s running.
- For management of testing and incident management special tools were applied.
- All mentioned processes were built on base of modern methodology of software development and software life cycle model.
-During implementation of program new banking system more then 100 participants from different bank’s department was involved to testing, to change requests preparation, to incidents solving.
- About 10 international vendors were involved almost from around the world to development and implementation of new banking system.
-change management process in the bank was developed;
- strategy and plans of testing were developed;
-Organization of development test cases, test team creation, organization of test execution, incidents management, developing of reporting system about test execution and incidents management for Project Management, development of release management process in the bank,
- was established good communication and efficient relationships with internal team, established good cooperative model with external international vendors.
- As final results new banking system started successful go-live operation since 01.01.2010.
The last area of activities is project manager of Internet Banking system for private customers. Bank’s requirements definition, preparation of RFP, high level planning of project, organization of vendor’s competition process, preparation of organization chart of project. The last position in the Bank is Chief IT Architect .


Kyiv polytechnic institute

Department of information management system, specialty “Automated information management system”, Kyiv

Высшее, с 09.1971 по 02.1977 (5 лет 5 месяцев)

Дополнительное образование

  • «System Administration DBMS Oracle 9i”, training unit «S&T Softronic”, Kiev (2005, one week)
  • «Implementation SWIFTNet and SWIFTNet FIN», «PKI for SWIFTNet Security Officer», Kiev (2003, one week)
  • system administration for HP-UX 10.0 (hardware system HP 9000), Kyiv (1997, two weeks)

Знание языков

  • Английский — эксперт

Дополнительная информация

 More than 30 years professional experience in information technologies, about 20 past years’ experience in banking IT and telecommunications with occupation of position: Deputy Chairman of the Board, head of Organisation Function department of Erste Bank, chief of IT division, chief of S.W.I.F.T. (society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication) department of JSB «Ukrgazprombank», deputy chief department of network administration and security, chief of telecommunication service and coordinator of S.W.I.F.T. project, engineer for maintenance of e-mail service in JSB «Ukrinbank». More then 10 years professional experience in development and implementation of software on different hardware platforms and different languages as, in one's capacity of system analyst, senior programmers of project

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