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Petryshyn Orest

Mechanical engineer

Полная занятость.

Дата рождения:
21 января 1994 (24 года)
Готов переехать в:
Другие страны, Киев, Львов

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Orest Petryshyn
Qualifications Summary
Persistent, dedicated, goal-oriented, motivated hard-worker, who can contribute the process development in designing equipment, perform process analysis, understand the reactions taking place, install control system as well as upgrade the electrical and mechanical design process. Multitasking, result-driven Junior Process Engineer with a strong desire to increase the qualification's level
•Well-versed in English;
•Ability to work independently or as a part of a team while meeting critical deadline;
• Proficiency with Windows, Microsoft Office Application;
•Strong analytical thinking skills

06.2016 - now
DP WO “Karpaty”
Process Engineer
Work on the station Lead Prep, developing, using automation design and implementing processes and modes of production for products produced by the company, and all kinds of different complexity of work. Preparing technical specifications for the design of devices, attachments and special tools provided by technology, participates in developing of programs, adjusting them in the process of revision, drafting instructions for work programs. Conducting control over the observance of technological discipline in the shops and the proper operation of process equipment.

29.09.2015 -12.04.2016
DP WO “Karpaty”
Mechanic-debagger of the machines with program operating (half day)
- Diagnostics of all systems, equipment and components;
- Testing of equipment after commissioning and repairs;
- Preparation of equipment for technical examinations;
- Selection of the worker and measuring tool for routing;

01.05.16 - 01.06.16
Assistant Engineer
Development of routes and special trips. organization ordering details, inspection of the machines, documentation

18.07.15 - 26.08.15
Assistant Engineer
Development of technological standards, instructions, assembly diagrams, route maps, maps, technical level and quality of production and other technological documentation amending the technical documentation in connection with the adjustment of processes and modes of production

Repair of VW – motor’s reparation, selection and ordering details for the VW, doсumentation
2011 - 2016
Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and

Engineer's degree. Mechanical Engineering

Engineer's degree. Mining and Mineral Engineering

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