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YouTube manager, video editor, 10 000 грн

Неповна зайнятість.
47 років
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Дистанційно, Львів

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Херсонський педагогічний університет

Філологічний. Англійська мова та література, Херсон
Вища, з 1997 по 1999 (2 роки)

Знання і навички

Adobe Photoshop Email Windows Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe After Effects Знание офисных программ Adobe Audition MacOS SMM Adobe Контент-менеджмент Adobe Dreamweaver Администрирование сайта Контекстная реклама

Додаткова інформація

About myself

• Video engineer/editor for TV
• Production studio editor for radio
• Creation and implementation of advertising concepts for thousands of clients.

Work Experience

Video Engineer | 1995-1998

• Worked as a video editor for TV programs, news, commercials, etc.
• Experience with linear and non-linear editing.
• Directing, working with cameramen, editors, and other specialists.
• Adobe suite (Premiere, AfterEffects, Audition, Photoshop), Final Cut Pro, CapCut.

Production Studio: 1998-2007

• Production studio for FM radio.
• Professional sound recording.
• Voice-over for video materials/presentations/TV commercials, etc.

Own Studio: 2007-2023

• Production studio for FM radio.
• Professional sound recording.
• Voice-over for video materials/presentations/TV commercials, etc.
• Creative author and creator of three independent internet projects.
• Organization and management of online work for internet projects.

I consider myself fortunate because my hobby is also my profession!

Back in 1997, I landed a job at a television station as a video editor. Since then, creating video content and providing voice-over narration have been my number one passion and expertise. I have mastered various types of video editing, including
general news, reports, interviews, documentaries, and original programs. Working alongside directors and editors, I have gained an understanding of effective communication with the audience and developed a directorial approach to presenting materials. I used to edit video clips and artistic films in the Betacam format.

Transitioning to FM radio allowed me to acquire what television often lacks—high-quality sound! Working for seven years in a production studio at a radio station provided valuable experience. Eventually, I established my own fully-equipped voice-over studio, which was a natural and logical step in my professional journey.

My practical skills and knowledge encompass:
- The theory of video creation and directorial vision
- Creativity and humor in FM radio
- A well-trained voice for narration
- Sound engineering and proficiency in audio software
- Video engineering and video editing

In addition to my professional pursuits, I engage in the following hobbies, which offer additional advantages:
- Interval learning techniques and the Pomodoro Technique for knowledge acquisition
- Cultivating mindfulness through yoga and meditation practices
- Semi-professional sports activities (over 25 years of experience)
- World travel: Prior to the COVID era, I worked from various corners of the world, spanning different time zones. Therefore, a systematic approach, self-learning, and organizational skills are integral to my work ethic.

It is important to understand the following:
- I do not engage in sales or marketing activities.
- I am not seeking part-time or temporary employment.
- I am not interested in businesses based on deception or dubious services.
I know how to unleash my creative potential for your development and success.

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