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Okoye Chuks

Help desk assistant, online manager (sales representative)

Дистанційна робота.

24 роки

Контактна інформація

Шукач вказав телефон, ел. пошту та адресу.

Щоб відкрити контакти, увійдіть як роботодавець або зареєструйтеся.

Досвід роботи

Photographer / Editor

з 09.2017 по нині (2 роки 7 місяців)
Dark Room Photography, Kharkov (Photography)

I also have a passion for photography and have been actively involved in taking photographs for concerts all over kharkov. I worked there as a team leader.

Sales Representative

з 04.2017 по 05.2018 (1 рік 1 місяць)
Call Center, Khakiv (Online Pharmaceutical Company)

Functioned in the capacity of a sales agent and got in touch with clients on a regular basis helped them with the purchase of over the counter medications and also followed to help them with refills. All these were carried out via online orders from various clients.
The job was a part time job and I was part of a a formidable team of telemarketers.

Manager / Supervisor

з 05.2016 по 04.2017 (11 місяців)
Electronics company, Lagos / Kharkov (Chifec & Sons Ltd (Electronics company))

I worked remotely and had the responsibility to monitor online purchase of goods for the company. I was also actively involved in the tracking of the goods and shipment to ensure that it got to the desired destination and customer. I worked here as a team leader.


karazin business School

Management, Kharkiv
Незакінчена вища, з 09.2019 по 09.2021 (2 роки)

Currently learning the necessary basic skills in management and building a firm career in the business sector

kharkov national medical university

Medicine, Kharkiv
Вища, з 09.2012 по 07.2019 (6 років 10 місяців)

I graduated from faculty of Medicine&Surgery, i had a great experience studying in the city of kharkov

Професійні та інші навички

  • Навички роботи з комп’ютером
    I have an excellent knowledge in the use of computers
    I am moderately good with Adobe photoshop, Lightroom, premiere pro and Microsoft office. I also have basic knowledge of other basic and necessary applications including CRM.
  • Photography (3 роки досвіду)
    Вище середнього, використовую в даний час.

Знання мов

  • Англійська — вільно
  • Російська — початковий

Додаткова інформація

I am diligent, smart, focused, punctual and hardworking.
I enjoy working with a team of people and believe in team work because as a team we achieve more and better.

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