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Joaquim Goma Alberto

Менеджер по работе с клиентами, 1 500 грн

Повна зайнятість.

Дата народження:
8 жовтня 1983 (34 роки)
Готовий до переїзду в:

Контактна інформація

Шукач вказав телефон та ел. пошту.

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Досвід роботи

Customer Support Agent, Sale, Account Manager Customer Service

з 10.2015 по 10.2016 (1 рік)
ZoomSupport, Івано-Франківськ (We at Zoom strive to insure that our customers needs and expectations are met. We will do what it takes to understand your requirements and resolve issues related to our service. All suggestions and comments are very much appreciated so please do not hes.)

My main duty is to become associated with a company where I can utilize my skills, knowledge and gain more experience, focusing on the economic productivity of the company.
If you work in sales, call center, Customer Support Agent, Selle, Service Manager Customer Account.
My first mission is to follow the law of association, win new customers and retain old customers.
Participate and analyze when the company launches a new product.
Not cheap sale, show that the quality of the products justifies the price.


Ukraine - Ivano Frankivis'k - National Technical University of Oil and Gas

Oil and gas extraction (Master)., Ivano Frankivis'k

Вища, з 09.2011 по 06.2015 (3 роки 9 місяців)

Професійні навички

  • Навички роботи з комп’ютером
    Навички роботи з комп’ютером
    Computer Skills - Ex Proficient in all Office applications: Word, Excel Experience in Mathcad, Microsoft Office Accounting, CRM

Додаткова інформація

[Joaquim Alberto Goma]

[Ukraine- Ivano - Frankivsk - Zone - Sich Riflemen nº75- Apartment number nº1]
Telephone: [[відкрити контакти](див. вище в блоці «контактна інформація») | [відкрити контакти](див. вище в блоці «контактна інформація»)]E-mail: [[відкрити контакти](див. вище в блоці «контактна інформація») | [відкрити контакти](див. вище в блоці «контактна інформація»)]
Skype: [goma-vip12]Age: 32 years [08/10/1983]
Status: [Marriage]
[Working in Oil and Gas; chemical reactions in the oil; Investigations of oil and gas Fluid Mechanics; theoretical economics; Accounting and Management and Call Center, Customer Support Agent, Sales, Customer Service]
[Accounting and Management] - [2006-2009]
[Angola - Cabinda - Polytechnic East John Paul II (IMPC)]
[Higher Education - Oil and Gas Engineering] - [2010-2015]
[Ukraine - Ivano Frankivis'k - National Technical University of Oil and Gas]
Skills Computação- [Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint]

[Basic Knowledge of Construction Technician]
[Advanced basic knowledge of electrical installations in residential and industrial field]
[Advanced knowledge of software]
[Basic knowledge Advanced Fluid Mechanics]
[Advanced basic knowledge of Mathcad, Microsoft Office Accounting]
[Keep the sustainability of the company]
[Occupational Safety Policy]
[Communication capacity]
[Flexibility and adaptation to change]
[Dynamic and sound management of projects and ideas]
[Ability to adapt to multicultural environments]
Additional Information:
[Portuguese - is (native)]
[Ukrainian - B]
[Russian - B]
[English and French-C]

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