Avataris, GmbH

Job from January 22, 2021

Recruiter for gaming project

Payment depending on your qualifications, but definitely a very attractive one!

Avataris, GmbH
IT; less than 10 employees


Thomas Steger
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Full-time, part-time, remote, students welcome, people with disabilities welcome. Work experience more than 1 year.

Job description

Who we are and what we do:

We, the international software company Avataris (https://avataris.io), are developing a game with Unity 3D, which, like «The Sims», focuses on interpersonal relationships, but at the same time uses maximum realism and state-of-the-art technologies. For example, the user experiences our game from the ego-perspective — optionally also in VR or AR — and has to deal with virtual avatars/characters that create the perfect illusion both optically and functionally (e.g. using AI, speech recognition, complex personality, procedural animations, physical hair and VR hand interactions, etc.). As part of our team, you would work with cutting-edge technologies and Unity’s state-of-the-art achievements to push the boundaries of realism and create a breathtakingly beautiful game with unique depth and gameplay concept. Our market potential is enormous given the thematic niche, which means high chances of rapid advancement and salary increases for you. For the expansion of our remote team we are looking for a recruiter, supporting our strive to get the best talents available in the world-wide job market.



  • · Advanced English
  • · Empathic personality
  • · Experience in recruiting


  • · Experience in human resources in general
  • · Russian/Ukrainian
  • · German


  • Manage the job posts on different platforms all over the world to set up an international team of experts
  • Continuously enlarge our visibility on new platforms
  • Screen the incoming applications (CV's, examples of work performed, etc.)
  • Having the initial interviews with the applicants
  • Summarize the impressions in a standardized form
  • Create a short-list for the management team
  • Organize the interview with the management team
  • Handle day-to-day business regarding human resources

The advantages of our job offer:

  • · Eventually leading position in a rapidly growing company with big goals
  • · Possibility to become «Chief Human Resources Manager»
  • · We are a promising pioneer in gaming and avatar technology
  • · Our huge market potential allows for rapid salary increases
  • · Very flexible working hours and remote working (part-time working also possible, as long as the workload allows for it)

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